Even though it may seem that I am being negative in my posts, I really am not.  I am just speaking about those things that affect me... I am a positive person by nature.. but I feel this blog is to be "real" with those things that may mean things to others also... which is where I come from. :)

My oddities... as I call them... things I experience, some I understand, many I don't.  But I am getting there, slowly but surely.

This may get to some, but it is me.... I have super hyper sensitive smells, hearing, to light, sounds, everything it seems.  Sometimes I can feel everyone around me, those I have "touched" their heart, on the other side of the world, others that have a connection with me in a certain way, etc.

For my oddities:  I have extreme noise issues... that drive me completely insane... ticking, like the hands of a clock, a blinker in a car, tapping of the fingers (this drives me absolutely off the deep end), the friggin exhaust fan in a bathroom, loud noises, news, the dang song on the weather channel, back-up sounds on a vehicle that beeps, outside sounds other than nature, car horns, people talking too loud about stupid stuff or just talking for no reason period.

Other things that I just can't stand:  Stupidity, liars, hypocrites, unethical people, pedophiles who take advantage of others with their abilities, narcissists, users, fake people, those to are not out to help others truly from the heart with no self serving motivations, and so much more I will have to come back and add...

Things I experience that I don't understand some or most of the time:  the high pitch in my ears (don't know if it is the spiritual world trying to communicate also, but I have tied it to world catastrophes when it overtakes my head and I can't hear anything else and it goes ballistic).  Astro-traveled in my dreams, sometimes I can remember, sometimes I cannot (which is more common), but yet, I know I have been there later, when things re-occur that I have already seen, or I see the future, and it confuses me, until things come true... or some just are there, and don't know the reason.  I have remote viewed, with success, but don't understand it, and don't think it is a thing meant for me.

I know there are those out there that can help me, and my "true" friends have been there to help me along the way.  But, I have soooo much progress to make, so many things to overcome, so much pain to let go of (mostly self blame and I understand that),

I have this weird a$$ chit going on with me for the like last 6 months or so, since I have been paying attention to time.... Every time I look at a clock it is: 1:11, 2:11, 9:11, 11:11 etc... or 1:33 2:33, 3:33, 4:44 etc. always the same..... I have started documenting times that I feel stuff to see if it coincides with other things, and most of the time it does... feelings, pain, natural events somewhere in the world..... Yes another oddity...