Yes, it is late at night again.  The best time for me, when the energy in the world is slower, easier to function.  I go a couple of days really strong, working on-line, building websites (for fun right now, and for the last 9 years'ish.  I have made some wonderful friends on this journey, and have also met some that didn't have the best intentions, which I have to learn the difference between still.  I am even more of an extrovert than I was before, and find when I have too much "stimulation" either via technology or people or when my ears go crazy with the loud pitch that about drives me crazy, then I need more time to "replenish" my energy and recuperate with downtime.

I have found that many of us share many of the same qualities... introverts (sometimes extroverts at time), we are the ones people find easy to talk to, to pour their hearts out to, as we are considered the "advisers of the world"... we usually have high IQ's, yet many have some sort of disorder (dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, etc).  We are mistaken because many of us operate in logical mode, which tends to shut down our other abilities to pick up on things we normally would know, because we over-analyze things.  People take this as us being slow, but we are not, we just look at all sides, before proceeding.  Many have high stress jobs, because of our abilities and strengths, which makes it even worse.  We tend to excel at what we do, as we are perfectionists in many ways. 

I have found with working with the group, that many times we are stronger in our abilities as a group, rather than alone.  Part of this is validation from others like us, regarding what we are experiencing or feeling/seeing at that moment we are together.  Validation of our abilities is a huge thing.  It keeps us from going crazy, and also helps us grow, by having faith in ourselves.  I can't go out into public situations alone, but do much better with a group of like-minded souls who experience and support each other.  The only bad thing I have experienced, is attending things with the same group of people, I have found that my bad experiences in picking up on negativity that is too/way overwhelming, well it came from the same person... I had to test this and subject myself to this on numerous occasions in order to confirm the negative that was draining/imposing on me, then had to take steps to separate myself from this person on every level.  I refuse to have someone that is not a positive for me in my life, if I can help it.  Now I work to surround myself with positives, as I work through issues to deal with the negatives... which I can do, without question.

"Coming out" to the world is hard for many.  I have done this, not caring what others think of me, except where it is not accepted in the work place by so many different types of individuals with way to many ulterior and self-serving motives, so there it is a topic that I tend to keep to myself, until I deem someone safe enough to go there.  Employment is a cut-throat world, especially now, and these abilities are like others you just don't discuss (i.e. politics, religion, etc). I have learned these are topics to stay away from.

Another thing many of us have in common is... majority of us don't watch the news, read the newspaper, or do anything to subject ourselves to the chaos & pain of the world.  We don't do confrontations, unless severely provoked (some of us), and avoid them at all cost.  Sometimes this is not possible if we are fighting for our own well-being, but overall, tend to be peace-keepers, the ones who resolve issues without the chaos & drama....