My hibernation is at an all-time high this month for some reason.  Along with my anxiety.  I figure both go hand in hand somehow. 

I know many suffer from the same instabilities.  I can't handle electronics, computer, emails, phones, people, anything.  I withdraw from all to the extreme.  I have been applying for jobs, but fear any calls for them, because I don't know how I will deal with them, but know I have to, somehow. 

So lets talk about Narcissists, as they tend to thrive on Empaths, along with others, but I feel most of us have encountered this problem individually on a continual basis.  They are the one that come across as caring, great, fun-loving individuals.  Me, I can name 2 I have encountered that were out for their own good, and disguising it as good intentions, but are completely evil on a different level. They come across as kind people, with great personalities, with your intentions and friends first... then later we see (if we are lucky) their true intentions, which is to gain control, to manipulate, completely self-serving... it is all a mind game... and very draining.  They suck you of your energy, and getting them to go away is virtually (but not completely) impossible.  So what do we do?

We learn to understand that we are stronger than their imposed negativity, that comes across as many other things.  We rid ourselves of that negative energy, regardless of how hard it is.  Easier said than done, but very possible.

Some people tend to work their way in until they "control" you... disguising it as them doing good, that they have been there for you, helped you, care about you, which is bull... the only person they care about is themselves. If you are lucky you will figure it out before too much damage has been done, or separating yourself from the negativity becomes a problem.  As with everything in our lives, we have to draw upon whatever we find strength in to get us through those things.  Others just love drama.  The more crap they throw out, the happier they are.  This too takes the same kind of strength to overcome, but again, it can be done.

I am sooo thankful to those who are genuine, have strong gifts, and are there to help me through many of these rough times.  I have found that there are some very great people out there, that truly want to help as much as I do.  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!